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Translating game text is at the heart of localization, but it takes more than a simple translation to make it successful. We know this thanks to our professional and personal experience; everyone at Checkpoint is a gamer.

No wonder this is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world! In the gaming sector, actual growth is not seen in the increase in the local market share, but rather through the increase in global growth. Consequently, gaming companies that are focused on success usually want to appeal to as many gamers around the globe as possible. And the way to reach different cultures and age groups around the world is through quality game localization solutions.

We offer premium quality game localization solutions for your games with our experienced translators who are also enthusiastic gamers themselves! At Checkpoint, all your gaming content will be localized especially for its intended market in line with our professional standards.

What we do?

Game Localization

Want to take your games in Turkey marketing? Translation and localization is our game — any genre, any platform, any device.

Proof Reading

Correcting spelling errors and other typos. This step often involves working with the text alone rather than within the game.

Subtitle Translation

We translate subtitles, closed captioning and offer a subtitling service with tested quality assurance tools and qualified staff to translate and localize your video content.


Localization testing ensures that a player feels that the game was created in a native language, and not translated from a foreign one.

Content Translation

We translate your game descriptions on platforms such as Steam, Google Play and App Store.

Website Translation

Let your readers or customers by connecting with them on a more personal level. And the first step to implementing a localization is to translate your entire website.

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