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Checkpoint Localization is a professional localization company consisting of translators with years of gaming and game localization experience. Our localization company, the foundations of which were laid two years ago with the participation of volunteer game translators, has completed its mission by making a revolution in the field of voluntary game localization and has switched its way to official projects. With more than 40 experienced translators under our brand, we aim to serve our clients high-quality localization and quality assurance service for their games and help them reach a greater audience in the developing gaming market of Turkey.



We know the demands of the industry and of the turkish players. So, we are aware that the turkish game industry has a lot of potentials and cannot be ignored. We are here to serve you with our professional staff, with the increasing number of players every day and the service we provide simultaneously with the promotion of the games we translate.

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We are offering video game localization services including translation, proofreading, LQA and intertextual checks. We typically work with game developers, publishers and distributors around the world.

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