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Game Localization

Textual content including user interfaces, subtitles, captions and in-game texts, and creative content including artwork, in-game graphics and other elements.


Quality Assurance

Localization testing ensures that a player feels that the game was created in a native language and not translated from a foreign one.


Proof Reading

Correcting spelling errors and other typos. This step often involves working with the text alone rather than within the game.

Content Translation

Website and game description translations on platforms such as Steam, Epic, Google Play and App Store.

1. We define project parameters

We clarify project goals and cost, and set it up on a localization platform

2. We create a team
We select translators with a proper game localization experience

3. We localize the game
Your team can follow the localization process anytime

4. We deliver localized texts
Strings are localized following your requirements and saved in the original format

5. Linguistic QA

Grammar, spelling, punctuation, issues with numbers, financial symbols, calendars, dates, measurement units, inconsistent translations, broken language, taboo language or cultural languages, and naturalness.

6. Visual QA

Truncated characters, font issues, overlong strings, UI/UX issue, platform compliance, untranslated parts, inappropriate graphics placement

Already localized your game?

- We do spell check the translation and correct any and all typos

- Improve fluency as much as possible, so that the translation becomes pleasant to read

- Ensure consistency in the translation of important words, such as in-game terms, names of characters, places, etc

- Make sure that the style adopted is adequate for the target audience

- Guarantee that the translation is accurate, with no mistranslations, omissions, etc.

Tell your games better

Let your readers or customers by connecting with them on a more personal level. And the first step to implementing a localization is to translate your website or gaming platform descriptions.

Services - How we work?
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*Our portfolio includes one of the most popular social networking mobile metaverse games with over 300 million downloads and users. We cannot share it here due to the ancient clauses of the NDA scroll protected by dragons.


We know the demands of the industry and of the turkish players. So, we are aware that the turkish game industry has a lot of potentials and cannot be ignored. We are here to serve you with our professional staff, with the increasing number of players every day and the service we provide simultaneously with the promotion of the games we translate.


You have reached Checkpoint.

You are safe now!

About Us

Checkpoint Localization is a professional localization company consisting of translators with years of gaming and game localization experience. Our localization company, the foundations of which were laid two years ago with the participation of volunteer game translators, has completed its mission by making a revolution in the field of voluntary game localization for three years and has switched its way to official projects. With more than 40 experienced translators under our brand, we aim to serve our clients high-quality localization and quality assurance service for their games and help them reach a greater audience in the developing gaming market of Turkey.

About Us

Want to take your games in Turkish marketing?

We are offering video game localization services including translation, editing, proofreading, LQA. We typically work with game developers, publishers, and distributors around the world.

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